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The Voice of Youth in Humanitarian Activities

The passing of time will always lead to change as aligned with technological progress and development of a country. The course of change too, produces new generations that are able to think critically and creatively in driving the world towards building a stronger development of human capital as in line with the country’s mission to

Non-Government Office Feels ‘Bite Size’ Session

Kuala Lumpur, 8 Oct 2018 – Several local Non-Government Offices (NGO) including Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) were given the opportunity to undergo ‘Bite Size Taster’ course in collaboration with Humanitarian Academy for Development (HAD).   The programme which invited several other NGOs such as Yayasan Salam, SOLS 24/7, Pertubuhan Al-Firdausi, and The 3rd Force is

IRM to go OKU Friendly

Bangi, 5 Oct 2018 – Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) is committed to uplift the community of the disabled (OKU) by contributing wheelchairs to Kolej Universiti Islam Selangor (KUIS).   Special Officer of Student Development and Alumni Affairs, Dr. Syarbaini Ahmad stated that the approach is a baby step towards creating an OKU friendly environment.  

Strengthening Social Status of Orang Asli

Dengkil, 3 Oct 2018 – 23 participants from Kelas Dewasa Asli Peribumi (KEDAP) acquired necessary guidance on mushroom planting and preparation of tiram kelambu mushroom administered by Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM).   The programme which in collaboration with Taman Pertanian Universiti, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) was initiated to uphold the income of Orang Asli.  

IRM to Create Professional Trainers

Bangi, 1 Oct 2018 – Six staff of Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) alongside another two staff of Islamic Relief (IR) Mauritius are to be nominated as a professional trainer through ASEAN Region, Train the Trainer Programme.   The programme which is the initiative from Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) holds the objective to groom

Fire Relief Sarawak Reduces Burden

Kapit, 3 Oct 2018 – At least 48 families received fire relief aids from Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) after wildfire was caught at Rumah Panjang Dagum dan Rumah Panjang Bada, Kapit, Sarawak.   The wildfire was caught due to widespread of fire amidst cooking process at both Rumah Panjang.   After assessment has been made,