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The orphan crisis is a global challenge that affects millions of children around the world, regardless of their race, religion, or nationality. These children face immense hardships, lacking the love, protection, and support that a stable family environment provides.

There are several challenges in addressing the orphans’ needs. The main challenges include to meet their daily necessities such as food, shelter, and water. Many of them did not receive adequate access to education, at risk of child labour, forced marriage, child trafficking, lack of community and family support, and loss of property and belongings.

Every day, children are abandoned on account of impoverishment. Meanwhile according to the World Health Organisation, an estimated 800,000 people commit suicide each year, with more than 75 percent living in low-income or middle-income countries.

Through various programs and activities carried out by Islamic Relief since 1986, these orphans were taken care of to have a better life. Islamic Relief had always striven to give a better future for orphans across the globe. They deserve all the joy and happiness.

At Islamic Relief Malaysia, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of orphaned children. Through our MyYateem Care, we extend our support to orphans in over 25 countries, providing them with food, education, medical care, and helping their families. We strive to ensure that all orphans receive the care and opportunities they need to thrive and succeed.

Family Support

Living in poverty can mean an orphan child is without basic essentials such as warmth, food, and shelter. The recent cost-of-living crisis is increasing and more frightening every day, putting even more pressure on families that were already struggling to buy food and heat their homes.

Many families around the world struggle to survive with no opportunities to work, unable to break free from the spiralling cycle of poverty in which they are trapped. 

For just RM1,000 a month, you can help entire orphaned and vulnerable families with their essential needs. We believe that each family knows best what they require, and we aim to help meet their basic needs so they can live more of a dignified life. You can help support an orphan family that has a minimum of four children within it.

Together we are building stronger families, with our innovative solutions we are reaching out to those in need, strengthening communities and building skills and resilience improving the chances of bright futures for orphaned and vulnerable families.

Higher Education

Education can be the key to a brighter future, opening many opportunities to develop, grow and escape the brutal cycle of poverty.

Islamic Relief aims to enable orphans that excel at school to access higher education, providing them a chance to shine and fulfil their dreams, through a higher education scholarship fund.

From as little as RM130 per month, you can help provide orphans with a university scholarship, so that they can attend university, gain a degree and then go onto a profession that enables them to break free from poverty.

Not only will the scholarship support the child through university and beyond, but it also impacts upon generation after generation within even a single family as well as bringing blessings to the wider community.

Medical Care

Islamic Relief supports families and orphaned children affected by war, bereavement, poverty and ill-health.

A regular donation of RM130 every month provides medical care for an orphan, their siblings or guardian, when it is needed most. This donation ensures that funds are always available when urgent and necessary medical care is required.

This ensures that costs for emergency care, travel to hospitals, prescriptions, and medical equipment like wheelchairs, hearing aids, and eyewear are always covered. These funds also help orphans affected by chronic and long-term illnesses like asthma and diabetes.

Every contribution, no matter how big or small, plays a vital role in transforming the lives of orphaned children. Your donation can help provide education, medical care, shelter, and a supportive environment for these vulnerable children.

Together, we can bring hope, joy, and stability into the lives of orphaned children. Join MyYateem Care today and become a catalyst for change. With your support, we can create a nurturing and empowering environment where every child can flourish and build a brighter future. Let us work hand in hand to bring smiles to their faces and transform their lives, one child at a time.

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