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Refugee Intellectual Skills & Excellence (RISE)

The issue of refugee influx is a common issue around the world due to the internal conflicts and wars happening in some countries on the rise. Malaysia is no exception and has also been affected.

Among the refugee groups in Malaysia are the people from Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia, and also the Rohingya group, which is a marginalized ethnic minority in Myanmar.

Despite Malaysia not having signed the 1951 Refugee Convention or the 1967 Protocol, the country still provides reasonable humanitarian assistance to the refugee communities. This support extends not only from the government but also from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which play a significant role in offering aid. This aid includes providing necessities, education for children, and moral support.

Supporting Vulnerable Children

Adhering to the principles of social justice without regard to any form of difference, Islamic Relief Malaysia took the initiative to establish the ‘Refugee Intellectual Skills & Excellence’ (RISE), an Alternative Learning Centre in Kajang, Selangor, since 2017. The center’s objective is to provide a holistic education program encompassing intellect, skills, and character development among the refugee community.

Islamic Relief believes that education offers refugee children the opportunity to change their own and their family’s destinies for the better, while also preventing them from falling victim to sexual exploitation or forced labor.

Hence, in the effort to offer continuous education, which is the fundamental right of every child, Islamic Relief Malaysia has launched a campaign to facilitate the operation of the RISE school. The goal is to raise funds amounting to RM200,000.

The assistance provided includes:


School Activities or Projects

Basic Needs Assistance for Families

School Equipment & Teaching Aids

Financial Support for Secondary Education

School Operational Costs

Together, we can help refugee children achieve a brighter future through education. Truly, Imam al-Shafi’i (may Allah be pleased with him) once said, “Seeking knowledge is better than performing voluntary acts of worship.” Thus, we hope that every contribution made will help them continue on the path of seeking knowledge, and in turn, earn lasting rewards for all of us.

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