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Dana Wakaf Sistem Air (DWAS)

Tube Well Waqf in Bangladesh


  • Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in Asia and ranks eighth in the world.
  • 9 million people in Bangladesh still DO NOT HAVE access to clean water near their homes.
  • 6 million people DO Not HAVE their own toilets at home.
  • The available water sources are mostly contaminated with arsenic and hard minerals.
  • Arsenic can lead to liver cancer, kidney problems, bladder issues, skin diseases, and heart diseases.
  • More than 40 percent of these water sources are also contaminated with E.coli virus.
  • 73 million people in Bangladesh are forced to use contaminated water for daily use because they have no other choice.

Islamic Relief aims to build 30 tube wells in Bangladesh.

Each tube well costs RM7,080 and is limited to 12 nominees or lots per well.

In total, 360 waqf lots are offered at a price of RM590 per lot.

The benefit for those who join this tube well waqf project is nominee list will be mentioned on each tube well’s nameplate.

The benefits of Islamic Relief Malaysia’s tube well project: The assisted community receiving practical training courses on the management, maintenance, and repair of tube wells.

They are also provided with free repair tools.

“I don't even have money to buy food, how could I afford to buy clean water or pay for healthcare in the hospital.

"Since the Islamic Relief built the tube well, our lives have improved.”
Ahmad Hosain
“I never expected to experience the joy of having a water pump facility near my house. I no longer need to walk far in the middle of the night or early morning.”
Rahimah Begum
“I and my family always fall sick due to waterborne diseases. We have to spend a lot of money on medical expenses and medications.

“Now, with the tube well from Islamic Relief, my children are healthier and can go to school as usual.”
Karabe Mree

Sa’ad ibn ‘Ubadah reported: I said, “O Messenger of Allah, my mother has died. Shall I give charity on her behalf?”

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Yes.” I said, “Which charity is best?” The Prophet said, “A drink of water.”

(Hadith An-Nasai)
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