Winter Appeal 2023/2024

Keep Them Warm & Alive


WITHOUT proper protection, the harsh winter can be a critical threat to those in vulnerable conditions.

This year, Islamic Relief Malaysia continues the Winter Appeal campaign, to help the affected population especially in Taiz, Yemen, the Peninsular and North of Gaza, Khan Younis and Rafah, Palestine to raise RM100,000 from 1 January until 29 February 2024.

Among the forms of assistance to be provided are blankets, mattresses, cash vouchers, house repairs, hot meals, food packs, fuel, hygiene kits and winter clothes.

The criteria for the right holders include single mothers, orphans, the elderly, people with disabilities (OKU), chronic patients, low-income groups, internally displaced persons (IDPs), pregnant and lactating mothers, households with no income and a large household.

Extreme cold weather can have significant health effects, including dry and peeling skin, hypothermia, frostbite, heart attacks, and more.

Yemen, a decade in conflict 

Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world, with over 21 million of its population relying on humanitarian aid to survive, including 11 million children.

The ongoing conflict lasting for years has resulted in a famine crisis and further deteriorated the country’s economy.

“My family had to move and live in the Al Gufainah refugee camp in Marib because of the ongoing war. I only work part-time as a manual laborer. The wages that I earn, are not enough to fully cover our needs.

“Our life is very miserable during the winter. We don’t have blankets and mattresses to warm ourselves in the tent,” said Ahmed Saleh Ahmed Mudafar.

There was no food, let alone winter equipment

“This year, I am 70 years old. At this age I am no longer able to work to support my 8 grandchildren who are orphans.

“Our life is very difficult. We just pad our stomachs with a loaf of bread shared by 9 people or just eat vegetables.

“Every time I see my grandchildren having to sleep with an empty stomach, because there is absolutely no food to touch, I feel very sad. I feel sorry for them, but nothing can be done. This is how most people in Yemen live today,” said Taqeeah Ali Mohammed.

Islamic Relief has been providing aid to the people of Yemen since 1998, offering various forms of assistance through both emergency relief and sustainable livelihood programs.

Every month, Islamic Relief distributes aid to ease the burden on over 2.5 million local residents.

Gaza, Palestine: The largest prison in the world

The casualty count in Gaza continues to rise by over 20,000 casualties, including children.

More than two-thirds of the casualties were killed with their family members inside their homes during the attacks.

It is estimated that over 1.4 million Gaza residents have been displaced since the recent attacks began on October 7th.

The people of Gaza are in desperate need of support from the international community.

The level of destruction in Gaza is devastating.

“I am very worried about the lives of my children. What will happen to them if I die and they survive? Who will take care of them? I also thought, if my wife and I were killed, would our children be able to identify our bodies, even though we were wearing wedding rings engraved with our names as husband and wife.” – the expression of the people of Gaza.

The people of Gaza URGENTLY need assistance, especially as the cold season is approaching

“The situation in Southern Gaza is very tight. Hundreds of thousands of people have moved here. We no longer know where we want to find sources of help and necessities such as water and food.

“We also had to stand in long queues for a long time, just to get bread to fill our stomachs. The prices of goods are skyrocketing, and supplies are running out. I don’t know what the fate of our lives will be later.” – the expression of Gaza residents

We are all a lifeline that can help our brothers and sisters who are being tested out there.

Together, let’s provide assistance to the best of our abilities.

With a single donation, we can save their lives.

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