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IRM Celebrating Iftar Together

Bangi, 1 June 2018 - Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) had the opportunity to celebrate Iftar #SalamRamadan with every personnel of IRM towards fostering a better relationship with each other.   The iftar which also invited a batch of Board of Trustees as well as Humanitarian Icons of IRM, Irma Hasmie and Redza Syah Azmeer has

Celebrating the Eid Together

Subang Jaya, 7 June 2018 - 89 beneficiaries were celebrated today through ‘Ceria di Aidilfitri’ project implemented by Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) alongside the cooperation of Small-Medium Enterprise Bank at Mydin Mall USJ.   ‘Ceria di Aidilfitri’ is a project specially implemented for beneficiaries in obtaining contributions in the form of apparels and different arrays

Humanitarian Campaigns for All

Bangi, 31 May 2018 – Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) stays persistent to offer awareness campaigns in efforts to deliver necessary information regarding humanitarian projects initiated by IRM itself to the public. The awareness campaign is done through booth-sales by IRM alongside the cooperation of Bangi-Putrajaya Hotel (BPH) and Bangi Golf Resort (BGR). The programme which

One hand can relieve burden

Every year, Muslims will be excited to observe the arrival of Ramadan which is full of Baraqah. It is without doubt, Ramadan is the “king” of all months in Hijri calendar to encourage every worshipper to bow down and perform ibadah in search of His pleasure. Apart from that, Ramadan is also the best time

Remembering Nuzul Quran

Indeed, Al-Quran is for yourself, not for your shelves. On the brink of the third phase in Ramadan, Muslims are highly encouraged to take a moment and make reflections to evaluate their ibadah. Have we been practicing a quality kind of Ibadah each day and night and how far have we gone through to understand

There are Corpses in the Wreckage

DESTROYED. The best word to describe the current situation in Marawi City. Since May 23rd last year, history has documented a new record that Marawi is now experiencing the hard and bitter phase following the assaults initiated by a militant group, more or less a radical Islamic troop. The assault occurred due to the Philippines