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Local Celebrities to Cooperate with IRM.

Damansara, 4 APR 2018 – Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) and Ukhwah 4 Ummah (U4U) alongside local celebrities will work together in a humanitarian mission namely Squad Celebrity Global Volunteers Project.   The mission deemed to commence on April 18th 2018 aims to accumulate a total amount of funds up to RM2.4 million in order to

IRM Visits Isolated Village in Sabah

Sabah is unique and when it comes across our mind, the first thing that pops is the diversity of ethnic in the state such as Bajau, Brunei, and Dusun. Although the distinctiveness of ethnicity is seen as a symbolic of proud for Malaysia, the land below the wind actually has a number of hidden stories

IRM Welcomes Volunteers from IR Canada

Bandar Baru Bangi, 13 Apr 2018 – Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) is honoured to welcome a group of volunteers from Islamic Relief Canada in an effort to foster a better relationship between both entities.   The visitation is officiated by IRM Chief Executive Officer, Zairulshahfuddin Zainal Abidin and he hopes that every volunteer in the

Remembering Israk Mikraj

Do we realise that if Israk Mikraj never happened on Rejab 27th, we would have been performing more than five prayer times a day. In general, Israk Mikraj is a journey of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW to Sidratul Muntaha to meet Allah SWT as a command from Him to perform daily prayers of five

IRM To Empower More Entrepreneurs

Bangi, 31 Mar 2018 – A total of 15 entrepreneurs will be empowered through a project implemented by Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) namely Dare to Growth: Road to Global.   According to IRM Partner Care Division, Kamarul Halim Sakrani, the project holds a primary objective to educate all new entrepreneurs in developing their product across

IRM Explores The Life in Mabul Island

Mabul Island located in Sabah is among the best destinations that has captured the eyes of many tourists over the years be it from the country or overseas. One of the best parts in this island is the crystal-clear sea and its living things inside. Though it is a well-known tourism destination, the island has