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Public Servant Utilising Volunteer Induction Course

Nilai, 5 Dis 2018 – 26 lecturers at Politeknik Nilai were given the opportunity to acquire humanitarian knowledge through Volunteer Induction Course (VIC) in understanding humanitarian issues conducted by Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM)   The course delivered a unique approach as four main clusters of IRM namely International Programme, Domestic Programme, Communication and Campaign, and

Corns-changing factor

Who would have thought from glasses salesman, he is now a corn businessman. It sounds pretty easy to run a business regardless of the type of sales or products. But what is necessary is self-sufficiency and also high-spirit motivation in the quest to build the empire to sustain life in the future.   Dery Suwanda

Unveiling life: Dialogue with Nur Sabrina Ahmad Fauzi

Sabrina, or Nur Sabrina Ahmad Fauzi is one of the beneficiaries of Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM). She is currently pursuing her studies at Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in the field of Industrial Design (Diploma) and is in the final year of study. This story is about her journey after receiving contribution from IRM.   "Initially,

School Necessities Encourage Pupils To Learn

Ayer Keroh, 21 Nov 2018 – 30 students from Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Limbongan, Melaka received school necessities through a program, ‘Cheer to School’ (CTS) organised by Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM).   The annual programme run by IRM offers full preparations for the students to always feel energetic and motivated to gain more knowledge at school.

Building Closer Bonds with The Disabled

Serdang, 15 Nov 2018 – Public community is encouraged to brush up their communication skill with the People with Disabilities (OKU) towards creating a friendlier environment in Malaysia.   Chief Executive Officer of Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) Zairulshahfuddin Zainal Abidin said the community plays an important role to better integrate with the OKU through sign

Effective Communication with the Disabled

Human communicates to convey information in various forms. One of the approaches is via daily conversations, in fact the technology also enables people to communicate using mobile phone. It is by communication as an enabler that can channel through our information so other people could grab the desired content. Even so, the system is only