Many people dream of the beauty of white, soft and fluffy snow, but yet there are those who are suffering from the cold harsh winter. 


Rezeki Qurban

Sharing the Blessings of Aidiladha: Let’s Spread the Joy Together

In 2023, Islamic Relief globally successfully distributed 607,402 qurbani meat packs to benefit over 3.4 million people in 28 countries across continents.

This distribution included contributions from Malaysians involving the distribution of 1,168 qurbani meat packs to 18,802 people in Mali, Malawi, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, and Gaza, Palestine.

This year, Islamic Relief Malaysia aims to raise RM500,000 to support those living in hardship in six countries through 810 qurbani parts.

The Rezeki Qurban campaign is open until June 10, 2024.

"Last year, I was very grateful to receive a sacrificial meat donation from Islamic Relief. My children were very happy to enjoy the meat dishes I cooked. Hopefully, this Aidiladha, there will be more sustenance for my family to enjoy meat dishes together.”
- Um Sajy Abbas, Palestine.
"We eat whatever the other residents give us or the aid we receive in this refugee camp. Meat is not one of them. We often sleep with empty stomachs. Today, we are very happy to receive qurbani meat packs from Islamic Relief. Thank you for helping us.”
- Kheyrta Mustaf Aden, Somalia.

Join the Qurbani project with Islamic Relief Malaysia starting from as low as RM380.

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