Over 500,000 Affected In Lombok

Lombok, 6 Aug 2018 – Over 500,000 people in Lombok, Indonesia are affected by the Earthquake measuring on a 7.0 Ritcher scale yesterday at 6.46 PM local time.


According to the National Disaster Management Agency spokesman, Dr. Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Mataram City which accommodates around 400,000 residents will experience the hardest hit by the earthquake considering the VIII Modified-Mercalli Intensity (MMI) scale.


However, the government is yet to release the number of casualties.


Director of KOSLATA, Sulistiyono said, “This earthquake is larger than the previous one.  It hits more than three sub-districts.  The previous only struck one subdistrict.  The number of people dead in Tanjung Hospital-North Lombok has reached 15 people.


“This number is expected to increase tomorrow when people started to search their family members. A source stated that the number of populations in Lombok Utara is around 221,000 people.”


Islamic Relief (IR) team and KONSEPSI, a local Non-government Office (NGO) in Indonesia are on the ground of Eastern Lombok to do the response for the previous earthquake and will escalate its humanitarian response due to the earthquake.


Two staff of IR are already in East Lombok, 6 others are in Mataram and ready to do the response. In the meantime, saving lives items will be procured as soon as possible.