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Over 330 Families Supported

Lebanon, 15 Jan 2019 – More than 330 families were supported through emergency response in the last few days as a result of expected storm in the coming days.   Following the situation, Islamic Relief (IR) Lebanon has responded instantly in Bekaa Valley as soon as they received access to the area and to the

Transformation of the Aborigine

Speaking of the community of Orang Asli, the first thing we imagine is living in the forest surrounded by the fresh air in the morning, and far away from the local civilisation living both in urban or rural areas.   About two years ago, United Nations (UN) came out with a report saying that the

IRM into a More Integrated Humanitarian World

Bangi, 2 Jan 2018 – Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) is thrilled to embark on new a journey to further uplift humanitarian world through the Care 4 Hunger campaign in efforts to reduce starvation cases.   IRM Chief Executive Officer, Zairulshahfuddin Zainal Abidin said, “IRM plans to materialise the Care 4 Hunger campaign as aligned with

Hunger, Behind the Scene

Food is considered as one of the fundamental needs for each human being in the world. It contains essential nutrients and vitamins to fulfill the requirement for body growth and development purposes. Even so across the sea, there are those less unfortunate who, mostly on a daily basis, never get the taste of food we

More Than 800 Houses Damaged

Banten, 26 Dec 2018 – Over 800 units of houses have been reportedly damaged following the tsunami that hit Banten, Anyer Coast, and Lampung Indonesia last Sunday.   According to National Disaster Agency (BNPB), the latest damage recorded involves more than 800 houses, 73 hotels, 60 food stalls, and 434 boats destroyed by the tsunami

222 Died in Indonesia

Banten, 23 Dec 2018 – At least 222 people died following the tsunami that hit Anyer coast and Lampung, Indonesia while more than 850 wounded and another 28 are still missing, as reported by National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).   No earthquake was reported initially triggering a tsunami around Sunda Strait and Indian Ocean. However,