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Building Closer Bonds with The Disabled

Serdang, 15 Nov 2018 – Public community is encouraged to brush up their communication skill with the People with Disabilities (OKU) towards creating a friendlier environment in Malaysia.   Chief Executive Officer of Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) Zairulshahfuddin Zainal Abidin said the community plays an important role to better integrate with the OKU through sign

7 Palestinians killed

Gaza, 14 Nov 2018 – At least seven Palestinians were killed and another 10 injured in a military retaliation in Khanyounnes, South of the Gaza strip. The military attack destroyed approximately 100 housing units as a result of nearby bombing which also left eight locations severely affected. Islamic Relief (IR) Palestine is still providing some

Reminiscing the Sacrifice of Humanitarian Workers

As a call to the World Humanitarian Day in August, the special day was initially recognised to pay tribute to humanitarian workers killed while helping thousands of the world’s most impoverished people caught in some of the deemed riskiest crises on Earth.   One historical fact about the incident dated back in August 19th 2003

Effective Communication with the Disabled

Human communicates to convey information in various forms. One of the approaches is via daily conversations, in fact the technology also enables people to communicate using mobile phone. It is by communication as an enabler that can channel through our information so other people could grab the desired content. Even so, the system is only

“I Feel The Quake Too..”

EARTHQUAKE. The only term that could best describe the loss of 437 souls as at August last month in one of the famous tourism destinations, Lombok, Indonesia. According to many local newspapers, more than 50,000 houses were affected in the unexpected presence of quake which eventually further intensified humanitarian situation. It has also captured the

2 Million Affected by Drought

Afghanistan, 9 Oct 2018 – Approximately 2 million people are affected by drought, of whom 1.4 million people are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.   Approximately 253,600 people are currently displaced due to drought across the Western Region of Afghanistan, of whom 75,000 are in Herat.   At least 20 out of 34 provinces