Syrian Displacement Escalate Due to the Hostilities

BEIRUT, 23 Oct. 2019– Since military operations in northeast Syria began, around 160,000 civilians have been displaced.

On October 13, about 5,000 people were reported to move from the city of Ein Issa to the Ar-Raqqa area. Several hundred families were also reported to have left Menbij, Aleppo Governorate due to the hostilities.

Refugees began entering Iraq on October 13 via Duhuk, and according to the Joint Crisis Coordination Center (JCC) that number will increase from 30,000 to 250,000, refugees said.

UNHCR Iraq initially estimated around 50,000 people could across into Iraq. The main assistants needed for this camp are children’s diapers and milk powder, hygiene kits, meat and NFI (non-food items).

Islamic Relief in Iraq has visited Bardarash camp in Dhouk where about 4000 individuals have been deployed there and they currently monitoring the needs of the camp.