Over 800 killed in Eastern Ghouta

Eastern Ghouta, 7 Mar 2018 – Over 800 death tolls recorded as of today in Eastern Ghouta including at least 173 children and 106 women since the Syrian regime military operation began on 18th February.

On 5th March alone, additional 94 deaths were reported while a further 300 were injured. At least 3,900 people are injured including children and women with varying degrees of injuries.

The first United Nations (UN) aid convoy reached Eastern Ghouta on the same day consisting of 46 trucks carrying food and health supplies.

However, the convoy was forced to cut short its missions and left after almost nine hours amid shelling. The UN also reported that 10 out of 46 trucks had not been emptied.

Over 30 people suffered critical suffocation following the midnight attack with an explosive barrel containing chlorine gas.