The bombardment of Gaza’s hospitals must stop immediately

The bombardment of Gaza’s hospitals must stop immediately 

The attacks on Gaza’s few remaining hospitals must stop immediately, Islamic Relief says, as more hospitals have been bombed and besieged overnight, putting thousands of lives at risk.

It can never be morally justifiable to attack hospitals that are full of casualties and frightened civilians, and international law demands that hospitals are protected. Islamic Relief is urgently appealing to world leaders to demand Israel stops targeting hospitals.  

Gaza’s hospitals have come under repeated and indiscriminate attack over the last month, forcing almost two thirds out of action. These attacks have accelerated in the past 24 hours and today (Saturday) doctors report patients dying by the minute and bodies piling up as critical units are bombed, lifesaving services are suspended and food, water and fuel runs out.  

Israel’s continued blockage of fuel for hospitals is fatal, with doctors at Al Shifa hospital – where Islamic Relief recently delivered medical supplies – this morning reporting the death of an infant baby as there was no fuel to keep the incubator running. Several more hospitals today had to shut down critical services as fuel has finally run out, meaning many more babies and other civilians are likely to die.  

Doctors say people are bombed if they stay and bombed if they try to leave. At Al Shifa, doctors say they are now completely cut off and surrounded by Israeli military, preventing anyone from leaving. 

Inside these hospitals are injured civilians in need of lifesaving treatment; desperate displaced families who hoped a hospital might be a safe place to seek refuge; newborn babies; and long-term patients who need treatment for cancer, kidney disease and other deadly illnesses.  

These indiscriminate attacks on the most vulnerable people cannot be allowed to continue. We appeal once again to the international community to call for a ceasefire now.  

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