More than 200 people died in East Africa after heavy rains

AFRICA, 18 May 2020 – Torrential rains and flooding in Kenya and Somalia have resulted in the death of over 200 people meanwhile hundreds of thousands others were affected.

The most affected areas are Islamic Relief Kenya sites in Mandera County, Garissa and Tana River County, Hirshabelle, Jubaland, Southwest, and Puntland states.

The floods have caused damage to property, destroyed clean water facilities, strained critical infrastructure, submerged homes and agricultural land which are critical to livelihoods, and heightened a dread risk of waterborne diseases such as cholera and AWD.

Islamic Relief proposes an immediate emergency response to provide awareness-raising activities, considering the ongoing Covid-19 risks as well as the potential for an outbreak of waterborne diseases.

The urgent needs of humanitarian assistance are particularly shelters, tents, food, non-food items, ready-to-eat food, clothes, water, and hygiene kits.