The lives of many people in Karkaar Region of Puntland State have been affected by the devastating drought in Somalia and the Horn of Africa region.


Pastoralists living in rural areas of Puntland have been the most affected as livestock are the main source of an income. Thousands of livestock have been lost due to the drought, and this has had a major impact in the lives of pastoralists.


Hundreds of people have been displaced by the drought that has lasted for more than two years, forced to move from their homes in search of water and pasture. Some families have been separated as members have gone in different directions.


To assess the impact of drought, a team from Islamic Relief visited some villages in Qardo District in Karkaar Region of Puntland. One such village visited by the Islamic Relief team is Heramudul Village.


7.1 million people in Somalia are currently facing food insecurity and the numbers are expected to grow by the end of the year. Islamic Relief is on the ground assessing the situation.


Islamic Relief continues supporting vulnerable families in the Horn of Africa amid fears of a severe food crisis as the result of worsening drought conditions.