2880 Families Reached Out

Sulawesi, 6 Dec 2018 – Islamic Relief (IR) Indonesia has reached out a total number 2,880 families by providing food packets, water, hygiene kits, tarpaulin, blankets, and cash grants following the earthquake that hit the Sulawesi archipelago.


IR Indonesia has also set up a water distribution system with water purification unit in which it produces 5,000 litres of safe and clean drinking water that serves at least 10 quake-affected families in Lolu village, Sigi District.


With the request of the government to humanitarian organisations, IR Indonesia will focus its work on construction of shelter for families, construction of 10 temporary learning centres, and construction of 20 classrooms for children and provision and well-rehabilitation for affected families to have access for clean water.


As a Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) member, IR Indonesia has reported for intervention of education sector plan to Department for International Development (DFID). Ministry of Education of Indonesia approached DFID to support its education rehabilitation.


For information, Sulawesi was hit by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in the last September that triggered tsunami and liquefaction in areas of Palu, Donggala, and Sigi.