​News Update – East Africa Crisis

Nutrition activities in ETHIOPIA continued this week with 898 children screened and 476 moderate malnourished among them were admitted for assistance.

Supplementary food was provided to 265 individuals

Livestock feeding, maintenance of water points and water trucking along with provision of water treatment sachets continued during the week.

In SOMALIA, 350 food packs and 150 NFIs were distributed in Alwaq (Gedo region) benefitting 2,100 individuals.

Water trucking and primary health care activities continued this week.

More info about East Africa Crisis:

  • Zainab Mohammad Warsame was forced to flee her home with 10 children including a daughter who is epileptic after she lost all of her livestock because of the drought.

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  • Our team is on the ground in Somalia doing a food distribution to the IDPs. These are your donations in action!

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