Two Deaths Recorded in Gaza

Gaza, 16 Jul – Two deaths were recorded over the past few days while 12 others were injured in airstrikes.


The incident plotted by the Israeli Defence Forces was described as the largest campaign in Gaza since the 2014 war.


A ceasefire seems to have been brokered by the Egyptian but situations may escalate further.


On top of the current blockage, the Israeli Government put firmer restrictions on the passing of commercial goods into the Gaza strip, adding to the tensions and suffering of the local people.


The office belongs to Islamic Relief (IR) Palestine was also affected by the airstrikes with 5 missiles falling around 200 meters of the office and amongst the target is a mosque used daily by the IR staff.


Despite the airstrikes, IR Palestine is still actively responding and providing emergency medical supplies to main health facilities within the Gaza strip, deemed as a priority at the moment.


The extent of the damage is yet to be evaluated but further interventions may be required in providing shelter and restoring people’s livelihood if airstrikes persist.