Further assessment following the fire in Moria refugee camp

GREECE, 24 September 2020 – The Disaster Risk Management Department deployed a staff member to Lesvos to conduct a needs assessment following the fire that occurred in the Moria camp.

According to The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), 9,100 people have been transferred to the new Kara Tepe site after about 13,000 people lost their shelters following the fire incident in the Moria refugee camp which was designed to house only 2,750 people.

Some people are returning to the Moria camp to salvage items mainly NFIs, hardware, and utensils.

The new site proximity to the sea made it susceptible to flooding and high winds.

Many facilities including the reception and identification centre, asylum centre, and Intensive Care Unit have been either destroyed or suffered serious damage.

The fire broke out following protests against the quarantine implementation after 35 cases of Covid-19 were confirmed last week.

A four-month state of emergency has been declared on the island based on public health concerns.

The immediate life-saving needs, food, water, and NFIs are being covered.

Affected people require urgent support in legal, psychosocial, and mental health due to the high level of distress because of the incident.

UNHCR, the Greek Army, implementing partners, and local organizations are delivering assistance.

Islamic Relief is working closely with other organizations in Greece to explore a potential response.