Aleppo: how Islamic Relief is helping

The continued bombardment of Aleppo has caused widespread destruction to markets, hospitals and mosques.

Following a month of relative calm, the recent wave of violence has resulted in the death of civilians, doctors, nurses and even rescue workers. The constant strike on civilian infrastructure has crippled the already fragile city, with life coming to a complete halt for the remaining residents.

The Aleppo emergency at a glance:

  • 263 have been killed and a further 550 injured
  • 281 airstrikes have taken place over the past week
  • 15,000 have become internally displaced
  • 250,000 are living under the threat of airstrikes, barrel bombs and snipers

Islamic Relief has been in Aleppo since 2012, working day and night to provide communities with food, medicine and shelter. Since the most recent escalation, however, the humanitarian crisis has reached catastrophic proportions. To meet the increased demand, Islamic Relief’s front-line team has been:


Mobilising medical equipment and medicine

  • Three large containers of medical supplies have already been delivered to 51 medical points in the past two weeks
  • Patients with severe injuries are being sent to Turkey for medical attention


Distributing food

  • 12,000 individuals in Aleppo have already received food parcels
  • Bakeries are being given flour and vegetables so they can continue to feed local communities


Meeting the fuel shortage

  • Diesel and gas allow medical centres, ambulances and bakeries to continue operating


As well as helping vulnerable people still in the country, Islamic Relief has been offering vital support to families that have fled their homes.

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