Islamic Relief proactively delivering assistance in Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN, 3rd June 2022 – Islamic Relief has distributed 60,670 kilograms of seeds, 28,225 kilograms of fertilizer, and 600 agricultural tools in Balkh, Bamiyan, Herat, and Nangarhar under the livelihood project in May 2022.

This assistance is to help the beneficiaries generate their income and produce their food sources.

Islamic Relief also provided 1,539 goats, 153.9 tonnes of fodder, and 6,600 agricultural tools as part of a livelihood project to support their economy.

It is also part of the solution to help them face staple market prices which continue to rise meanwhile the hunger issue becomes more chronic.

According to the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC), nearly 20 million people in Afghanistan are classified in crisis or emergency of food shortage phase 3 or 4, while another 20,000 people are in phase 5 starvation.

Since August 2021, Islamic Relief has distributed 59,820 food packs, 2,630 water storage kits, 4,875 hygiene kits, 7,617 winterization kits, and 2,600 non-food items in Afghanistan.

In addition, Islamic Relief also provide healthcare services for psychosocial and malnutrition, distributes newborn baby kits, Covid-19 infection prevention kits, and cash assistance for referral services.