85 casualties in Turkey quake

TURKEY, 2 November 2020 – A powerful earthquake struck the Aegean Sea in Izmir resulted in the casualties of 85 citizens and left 994 others injured.

It is reported a total of 1,225 aftershocks following the quake, including 43 that were above four in magnitude.

774 citizens who were injured have been discharged, and the treatment of 220 citizens continues.

Search and rescue work is being carried out in eight buildings.

The schools have been closed for a week. Meanwhile, the entrance to the city has been limited by the government.

A total of 7,888 personnel, 25 search and rescue dogs, and 1,058 vehicles from Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), Gendarmerie General Command (JAK), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), as well as municipalities were assigned for the ongoing intervention and improvement works in the region.

Search and rescue operations to search for survivors through the rubble of collapsed buildings are currently ongoing, and government ministers are providing assistance.

The priority needs are food include ready-to-eat food, hygiene kit, sleeping bag, blanket, and sanitizer.

Islamic Relief is currently in continuous contact with multi-sector in aligning its response to ensure immediate support to the affected people.