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As winter sets in, the weather chills as a welcoming factor to signify the coming of cold environment in some areas of the world. However, for the isolated few, winter season means a new difficulty to deal with. According to BBC news report, 15 Syrian refugees were found frozen to death while trying to cross the border into Lebanon.


In full concern, Islamic Relief Malaysia pays respect to help those in need through ‘Winter Appeal’ which consists of four packages:

♦RM200: Protect With 💕 | Jackets/Coats•Socks•Shoes

♦RM250 Comfort With 💕 | Blanket•Mattress•Plastic Sheet

♦RM300: Stay Warm | Weater•Firewood•Coal

♦RM1000: Warm & Safe | House Repair)



Location: Northern Syria & Gazientap,Turkey

No of Beneficiaries: 80,000 individuals

Objective: To provide the required winter non-food items to assist beneficiaries to be fully equipped to survive harsh winter conditions. Through this project, IRM will focusing on giving aid consist of blankets, mattress, plastic sheets, winter coats, winter shoes, pair of winter socks, floor carpet, coal or wood and heater for heating.

Impact: Enabling beneficiaries to have access to sufficient and quality winter items.




Location: Gaza Strip

No of Beneficiaries: 500 individuals

Objective: To protect most vulnerable families during winter and enhance their resilience through providing a lifeline for vulnerable communities affected by disaster and poverty. Through this project, IRM will focus on rehabilitating houses as a protection measure to the winter season from October 2018 to March 2019 and providing basic non-food items (NFIs) including basic house appliances and clothes and providing basic nonfood items including basic house appliances and clothes.

Impact: Improving the quality of beneficiaries who are most affected by the severe and different vulnerabilities in the Gaza Strip in addition to the harsh winter implications.