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Why Crisis in Yemen Matters

The humanitarian crisis in Yemen can be considered one of the worst occurring in the world, as stated by European Union, demanding further protection of civilians in the country who continue to perish as a result of earlier conflicts.   A report from United Nation (UN) says that with over 3 million people displaced by

Airstrikes In Hodeida

Hodeida, 19 Nov 2018 – Fighting and airstrikes have been reported in Hodeida which resulted in a number of injuries. However, the number is yet to be confirmed.   Before the recent escalation of fighting, World Health Organisation (WHO) recorded a number of 193 conflict-related deaths due to the conflict in Hodeida between 13 June

7 Palestinians killed

Gaza, 14 Nov 2018 – At least seven Palestinians were killed and another 10 injured in a military retaliation in Khanyounnes, South of the Gaza strip. The military attack destroyed approximately 100 housing units as a result of nearby bombing which also left eight locations severely affected. Islamic Relief (IR) Palestine is still providing some

“I Feel The Quake Too..”

EARTHQUAKE. The only term that could best describe the loss of 437 souls as at August last month in one of the famous tourism destinations, Lombok, Indonesia. According to many local newspapers, more than 50,000 houses were affected in the unexpected presence of quake which eventually further intensified humanitarian situation. It has also captured the

2 Million Affected by Drought

Afghanistan, 9 Oct 2018 – Approximately 2 million people are affected by drought, of whom 1.4 million people are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.   Approximately 253,600 people are currently displaced due to drought across the Western Region of Afghanistan, of whom 75,000 are in Herat.   At least 20 out of 34 provinces

Sulawesi Requires World Attention

Sulawesi, 5 oct 2018 – The death tolls in Sulawesi went up to 1763 as earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4 hit Palu and Donggala district on 28th September last week.   The incident had caused injuries that affected 2,600 people while 113 are yet to be found. 152 are also buried under debris.