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Reminiscing the Sacrifice of Humanitarian Workers

As a call to the World Humanitarian Day in August, the special day was initially recognised to pay tribute to humanitarian workers killed while helping thousands of the world’s most impoverished people caught in some of the deemed riskiest crises on Earth.   One historical fact about the incident dated back in August 19th 2003

Humanitarian Situation in Yemen

“Severe food insecurity, cholera outbreak, ongoing conflict, and severe economic decline has caused one of the world’s most catastrophic humanitarian crises.”   Yemen was already the poorest country in the Middle East when the crisis started in March 2015. Three years of continuous war moved towards a serious humanitarian tragedy. Today, more than 22.2 million

Albania Affected by Floods.

Shkodra, 29 Mar 2018 – Melting of fallen snow due to warm winds and gradually increased temperatures have caused extensive floods in the region of Skhodra, Albania. In the last few days, continuous rainfall combined with an increase in discharge from hydro power plants have worsened the flooding situation. The levels of the Drini and

World Water Day 2018

22nd March 2018 is a “World Water Day”. The campaign holds an objective to create awareness about the significance of water in our daily life. This event was initially celebrated in 1993 by United Nation (UN). Below are the effects if sources of water are not well maintained: ✅Drought ✅Flood ✅Landslide ✅Affecting agricultural activities ✅Interfering

News Update – East Africa Crisis

What is happening in South Sudan and the Horn of Africa? Right now 20 million people are facing devastating food and water shortages due to sustained drought and conflict in East Africa. In the Horn of Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya), where successive rainy seasons have failed, it is feared drought will turn into famine.