More Than 17 Thousand Families in Syria Affected by Flood

NORTHWEST SYRIA, May 24 – Heavy rainfall and strong winds have severely impacted Northern Syria, particularly in the Idlib and Aleppo governorates, leading to flash floods and severe weather-related incidents.

The floods have caused extensive damage to camps, closed roads, and inundated agricultural lands, homes, and medical and educational facilities, prompting population displacement.

Preliminary reports indicate that 24 sites in Aleppo Governorate, mainly in Afrin and Azaz districts, and 15 sites in Idlib Governorate, primarily in Harim district, were affected.

According to a rapid assessment by the Islamic Relief team, 41 camps were affected, impacting 6,428 internally displaced persons (IDPs), while local authorities reported that 17,669 families in eight sub-districts were affected and over 521 tents were damaged.

Muddy conditions have disrupted children’s access to schools and hindered families’ ability to access essential services in the displaced persons camps, with displaced people living in camps being the most affected during this severe weather.

Syria is experiencing a severe humanitarian crisis, worsened by the February 2023 earthquakes and ongoing conflicts. The economic situation has declined, making more people vulnerable and needing help. In 2024, around 16.7 million people require humanitarian aid, a notable increase from the previous year.