Mulu has received hygiene kits and kitchen utensils from Islamic Relief, Um-Rakuba Refugee Camp, February 2021, Gedarif Sate, Sudan.

This study follows 30 years old Mulu, a woman living with a disability in Um-Rakuba Refugee Camp. The study outlines her challenges and needs as a disabled woman. The Um-Rakuba Refugee Camp in Gedarif Sate of Sudan is currently home to over 20,000 refugees who have fled conflict in Ethiopia. Islamic Relief has responded to the refugee crisis since November 2020 and has provided food items among other essential items. Islamic Relief has also provided non-food items such as kitchen utensils and also hygeine kits for women and girls. We have also built latrines and washing facilities at the camp. Islamic Relief continues to work at Um-Rakuba Refugee Camp providing the most essential assistance to the refugees.