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Ukhwah4Ummah is one of our humanitarian partners in an effort for fundraising for Mission Squad Global Celebrity Volunteer. 12 famous celebrities will join the mission across 4 countries from 3 continents namely Philippines, Malawi, India and Bosnia. The main objective of this mission is to give humanitarian aid for those in need in the countries.


4 countries 4 projects:


1. Tabang 4 Marawi (Philippines)

Sector: Sustainable Livelihood

Project: Support to Early Recovery of Vulnerable Evacuees of Marawi (SERVE – Marawi)

Objectives: To recover and develop more sustainable and resilient livelihoods based on ecologically- sound and market-based approaches and analysis for vulnerable conflict-affected Marawi communities.

No. of beneficiaries: 550 direct & 3,250 indirect.

Estimation cost : RM600,000.


2. Water 4 Malawi (Malawi)

Sector: Water, Sanitation & Hygine (WASH)

Project: Water Supply for Rural Malawi

Objective: To improved health and hygiene levels of vulnerable communities affected by flooding.

No. of beneficiaries: 6,000 beneficiaries

Estimation cost : RM600,000.


3. School 4 Godda (India)

Sector: Sustainable Livelihood

Project: School Construction in Jharkhand

Objectives: To intervene in the targeted Sahora village in Godda district. The village has approximately 500 households, mostly belong to the marginalised community and in large extend depend on the community school for the girl’s education. The dilapidated condition of the school is unsafe for children. This project is also to provide safe and improved education infrastructure to the children of the targeted community

No. of beneficiaries: 210 individuals

Estimation cost : RM600,000.


4. Misija 4 Bosnia (Bosnia)

Sector: Sustainable Livelihood WASH

Project: Sarajevo afforestation

Objectives: In Bosnia & Herzegovina access to safe drinking water is worse. This project is to provide a sustainable water supply system and to ensure long-term reliability of water service deliver and to contribute to the positive climate changes, cleaner air and preventing the landslide near the water reservoir where most Sarajevo citizens are getting their drinking water from.

No. of beneficiaries: Direct Beneficiaries : 3,120  & Indirect Beneficiaries : 33, 856.

Estimation cost : RM600,000.