Access to safe water and hygiene promotion is very hard in some areas in the central part of Bangladesh due to its geographical characteristics. Possibility of hard soil, stone, rock, arsenic and iron contamination in the area is very high. Most of the people are poor in terms of their socioeconomic condition. Installation of a safe water facility is very hard for the community. As a result, water borne diseases, malnutrition are high.

On the other hand, poor hygiene and sanitation conditions in Bangladesh are, among others reflected in some facts like; Poor hygiene practices are still prevalent in the rural areas.  Bangladesh has achieved a remarkable success in providing access to drinking water for its rural population and by the end of the last millennium nearly 97% of the people were believed to be served by about 11 million hand tube-wells.

Qurbani Care4Hunger

Seasonal Program


A sacrifice is a demanding practice of Islam since the time of Prophet Ibrahim AS. The commandment on the second year of Hijrah was aimed to draw the Muslims closer to Allah SWT by commemorating the story of Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail. This worship usually performed during Eidul Adha on 10 Zulhijjah and Tasyrik days on 11, 12 and 13 Zulhijjah.

Everyone deserves to welcome Eidul Adha with joy and happiness. Hence, Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) opens the opportunity for the public to carry out the sacrificial ritual to share their livelihood with the needy every year.

This year, through the Qurbani Care4Hunger campaign, IRM is targeting 1,913 parts of meat offerings in 34 countries including Malaysia to vulnerable groups such as single mothers, orphans, disabled people, senior citizens and more.

Perform your qurbani with IRM through the following package:


Group A

RM 300 per part
  • Chad (Cow / Bull)
  • Niger (Cow / Sheep)
  • Mali (Cow)
  • Malawi (Goat / Cow)

Group B

RM 430 per part
  • Somalia (Sheep / Goat)
  • Kenya (Sheep / Goat)
  • Sri Lanka (Cow)
  • Zimbabwe (Goat)
  • Ethiopia (Sheep/Goat)
  • Nepal (Buffalo/Goat)
  • Sudan (Bull)
  • Myanmar (Cow)
  • Bangladesh (Cow)

Group C

RM 600 per part
  • Bangladesh (Rohingya Refugees) (Cow)
  • Afghanistan (Cow)
  • South Sudan (Bull)
  • Pakistan (Bull/Cow)
  • Chechnya (Cow)

Group D

RM 800 per part
  • Philippines (Cow/Bull)
  • India (Goat)
  • Lesotho (Cow)
  • Yemen (Goat/Sheep/Oxen)
  • Tunisia (Sheep)

Group E

RM 1,200 per part
  • Kosova (Cow/Sheep)
  • Albania (Cow)
  • Bosnia (Cow)
  • Macedonia (Cow)
  • Indonesia (Cow)
  • Jordan (Sheep)
  • Syria (Northern Syria) (Sheep)
  • Lebanon (Cow/Sheep)
  • Malaysia (Cow)

Group F

RM 1,700 per part
  • Syria (Refugees in Turkey) (Sheep)
  • Iraq (Sheep)
  • Palestine (Gaza) (Cow)