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Salam Qurbani

Every Eid-al-Adha, Islamic Relief provides the best possible Qurbani meat to poor people, in line with Shariah requirements. We prioritise the most vulnerable families through our rigorous selection criteria.


We also ensure that animals are transported and slaughtered humanely by managing the whole transportation and logistics network. Strict hygiene standards cover the handling, packing and distribution of all meat.


In 2017, our Qurbani distribution benefitted over 3.25 million people in 33 countries and areas. The previous year, more than 3.3 million people were reached.


Qurbani marks the end of Hajj (pilgrimage), and is a time to reflect upon the significance of sacrifice with the Islamic tradition. Muslims observe Qurbani by sharing meat with the less fortunate.


Zaid bin Arqam (RA) reports that the Companions of Rasulullah (SAW) asked him:

“O Prophet, what is this sacrifice?”. He said: “It is the way of your forefather Ibrahim.”
They asked: “What is for us therein?”. He replied: “There is a reward for every hair.”
They asked: “For the wool, Ya Rasulullah?”. He replied: “There is one reward for every strand of wool.”


Performing Qurbani is part of worship practised by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to commemorate the sacrifices made by Prophet Ibrahim (AS) on his son, Prophet Ismail (AS). Qurbani, being one of the seasonal programmes of Islamic Relief around the world, including Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM), allows people to perform ibadah, as well as charity.


In conjunction with the arrival of Zulhijjah 1439H, Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) once again will launch Salam Qurbani Campaign 2018. Last year, a total of 141,395 qurbani meats packs were distributed & a total of 3,252,085 benefeciaries worldwide were impacted including Malaysia.


The beneficiaries for worldwide are those from the Poor & Destitue. They are Orphans, Senior Citizens, person who suffers with Chronic Illness, Disabled, Aborigines, Homeless & Single Mothers. Everyone now has the opportunity to perform Qurban at the other countries where Islamic Relief operates. Price for each share of meat is set according to the current cost and the availability of the livestock country where the Qurban ritual were conducted.


This year, we have 6 groups of Salam Qurbani campaigns:

-Group A – RM300 (Niger, Chad, Malawi, Somalia, Mali & Sudan) – CLOSED

-Group B – RM450 (Kenya, Nepal, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Myanmar) – CLOSED

-Group C – RM650 (Sudan Selatan, Pakistan, Yemen, Filipina, India & Afghanistan) – CLOSED

-Group D – RM900 (Tunisia, Kosova, Jordan, Albania & Lebanon) – CLOSED

-Group E – RM1200 (Indonesia, Bosnia & Herzegovina & Syria) – CLOSED

-Group F -RM1700 (Palestine[Gaza], Palestine[West Bank] & Iraq) – CLOSED