Many people dream of the beauty of white, soft and fluffy snow, but yet there are those who are suffering from the cold harsh winter. 

Seasonal Programme

Rezeki Qurban

Rezeki Qurban #zahirkankesyukuran

The practice of Qurban is synonymous with Muslims which is also a recommended act of worship (sunnah). It is one of the renowned acts of obedience to the commandment of Allah performed by Prophet Ibrahim to his son, Ismail. Qurban is performed by slaughtering livestock animals on 10 – 13 Zulhijjah or three tashreeq days with the intention of drawing closer to Allah.

Recognizing the importance of Qurban for Muslims, Islamic Relief Malaysia continues the annual program by launching the Rezeki Qurban campaign to allow the Muslims to practice the worship.

Apart from that, it will achieve two aims at once in assisting vulnerable groups through the distribution of Qurban meat to 28 countries across the continents such as Malaysia, Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Indonesia. Rezeki Qurban enables those who are less fortunate to get nutritious food. The distribution focuses on single mothers, orphans, senior citizens, poverty-stricken, disabled persons, patients with chronic diseases, and the refugees.

In 2020, Islamic Relief Malaysia has benefited more than 50,000 beneficiaries in 30 countries including Malaysia through the participation of 2,015 Qurban parts.

This year, Islamic Relief Malaysia targeted 943 Qurban participation for 23,575 beneficiaries.

Prices for Qurban parts vary following to country with the range of RM350 to RM1,500. There are six groups covering 28 countries across the continents of Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe.

The Power of Sincere Dua

“Year-on-year, the suffering of women, men, boys and girls in Palestinian Territories - Gaza increases but so too does their trust in Allah and patience. Many individuals await Qurbani season to see Islamic Relief’s team knocking their doors to convey Eid greetings and provide fresh meat - reviving the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Alhamdulillah for seeing smiles on the faces, hearing prayers from the elders and women and feeling hope amongst children.”

Rami T. M Mahani, Humanitarian Programme Manager for Islamic Relief Palestine- Gaza

“My husband and I are old aged. My siblings have left us alone after they got married. Our food is mainly provided from the help of our neighbours. Meat is a part of our food only if our neighbours have it on their menu. I can say that it is usually once in a month, as our neighbours are poor also. I do not remember to have purchased meat in my whole life. I just pray for almighty Allah, SWT, that May He bless the ones who had donated in this Qurbani Project and helped the poorest families receive the meat.”

Masooma, Qurbani 2020 Beneficiary from Afghanistan



RM 350
  • Malawi [Goat/Cow]
  • Sudan [Bull/Cow]
  • Niger [Cow/Sheep]
  • Mali [Cow]


RM 450
  • Somalia [Sheep/Goat]
  • Kenya [Sheep/Goat]
  • Ethiopia [Sheep/Goat]
  • Bangladesh [Cow]
  • Nepal [Buffalo/Goat]


RM 600
  • Bangladesh-Myanmar Refugees [Cow]
  • Pakistan [Cow/Bull]
  • Afghanistan [Cow]


RM 850
  • Malaysia [Cow]
  • South Sudan [Bull/Cow]
  • Philippines [Cow]
  • Myanmar [Cow]
  • Kosova [Bull]
  • Yemen [Goat/Sheep/Oxen]


RM 1,200
  • Syria [Sheep]
  • Lebanon [Cow]
  • Indonesia [Cow]
  • South Africa [Cow/Bull]
  • Albania [Cow]
  • Jordan [Sheep]
  • Bosnia [Cow]
  • Macedonia [Cow]


RM 1,500
  • Palestine-Gaza [Cow]
  • Turkey-Syrian Refugees [Cow/Sheep]
  • Tunisia [Sheep]


As low as RM 10
  • Will be used for qurbani implementation and operation cost

Qurbani Programme

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “I was commanded to do Qurban and it is a sunnah for you.”

[Narrated by at-Tirmidzi]

May Rezeki Qurban will be the answer to the prayers of those in need and the reason for us to dwell in Jannah.

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