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Islamic Relief teams distributed 242 food packs and 78 water jerrycans to internally displaced persons (IDPs) families in Suwar Chicken Farm in Aljazirah state of Sudan. 480 families are taking shelter in the farm. The organizing committee at the shelter will ration the food to cover all the families. Each food pack weighs 22 kilograms and contains 5kg rice, 5 kg sugar, 5kg wheat, 5kg lentils, 1kg milk powder, 1kg tea, and 1 litre of cooking oil. 

This distribution is part of Islamic Relief’s emergency response in Aljazirah state. The team have prior distributed 310 food packs and 190 water jerrycans to IDPs families in Almugtaba school gathering centre. The team is yet to distribute hygiene kits to targeted IDPs families. Islamic Relief has opened a temporary office in Wadmadani, the capital of Aljazirah, to timely respond to IDPs needs.

Armed conflict (war) broke out in April 15th between the Sudanese military and a paramilitary in the capital Khartoum. As a result, 1.4 million people have been internally displaced, according to the International Organisation of Migration (IOM). Many families have displaced to Aljazirah state because it is safe and the closest state to Khartoum.