Zainab Ahmad Jaber, 43 Syrian widows who escaped from fear and dangerous heading to Lebanon searching for security and a good environment to live. She is living with 9 members in the same home which is consists of 2 rooms. The home is made up of stones only and she is taking care of 8 orphans (her children) and her sister. She has 3 girls and 5 boys. They are between 7 to 25 years old. As well her sister is 50 years old and she is also taking care of her since she has no one.

Her children are suffering from staying at home with no education and no job, even no vocational training courses because of COVID-19 and because of the financial situation as well.

She is working as a daily work in a grove from 5: a.m. till 12:30 p.m. she is the only breadwinner/household responsible for the 9 members. She got 15,000 LBP per day. She also depends on the sponsorship program implemented by Islamic Relief Lebanon orphans sector and local partner but because of the high cost of living she always in need and has debts.

Zainab is suffering from many challenges and from daily life responsibilities such as water/drinking water. She borrowed water from a near station from her home because she can not afford 10 members a gallon of water which costs 3,000 LBP per day. Also, she suffers from Malnutrition. She depends on beans and vegetables in cooking and feeding her children because chicken and meat are a dream for them as she mentioned. She also mentioned that the big challenge in her life is how to cure and taking care of her son (Jamil-10 years old) because he suffers from the diabetes-chronic disease. He needs 4 insulin injections per day otherwise he will be in danger. Moreover, she mentioned that her daughter (Marwa-7 years old) has a problem in her eye-left one. Unfortunately, Marwa did surgery but it fails and she see nothing in her left eye.

Zainab said that “life is not fair at all; all bad things are coming together. She has to bear with all bad conditions and never claim, but she believes that God will bless her”.


Ramadan is a wholly month and she believes this month because good people remember the needy one and support them. Even she has nothing, but she believes in Allah, and she waiting this month to pray more and try to spread the spirit of this month. During Ramadan, this year was especially because of COVID-19 and they benefit from it because they pray and read Quraan more. Daily routine Eftar and Sohor were okay somehow. In Eftar, she depends on beans, and on Sohor she depends on thyme mainly and tea.


She mentioned, that Islamic relief Lebanon distributed a food parcel which alleviates the sufferings from purchasing because she cannot, the food parcel consists of different items which give them a chance to have variations of food and sohor as well. The food parcel gives her a chance to have new items that enrich her table during Eftar and Sohor, her children were very happy because there are new items.


We knew IRL from local partner ISWA and from them, they get touched with IRL humanitarian sector. She really thanks Islamic Relief Lebano team whether orphans since she benefits from orphan’s sponsorship program and humanitarian department as well since they support her and they are very gentle with her. Also, big thanks for the donor who never forget us. May allah bless all of you.