“Protect Orphans’ Dignity” is a project designed to provide security for orphans and their families from being homeless and build the capacities of the caregivers. The main concept of the project is to alleviate the suffering of these families and support them through cash assistance (sponsorship and rent coverage) to enable them to increase their financial level.  Islamic Relief Lebanon (IRL) sponsored all orphans in the same family to make sure that all orphans are secured.  Orphans and their families who were living in the three shelters being supported by this project (Ehsan, Ekhlas, and Ammanah) were at risk of eviction because the local partner in Lebanon, Homs League Abroad, had no more funds to pay the rent and orphans have no alternatives to reallocate. Through this project, IRL is ensuring to protect the dignity of these orphans by providing them by cash assistance (payment per quarter) so the family could support and improve their living conditions.


Based on the specific need assessment, the project is designed to assist at least 173 orphans and 55 widows from Syrian refugees. The project-work plan was designed for one year starting from July 2019. During this year the project will cover the rent for shelters around 11.5 months, cover the sponsorship for orphans, and conduct PSS activities for the children. IRL plans to enhance the safety for the widows and their orphans (new generation) that grows and develops to meet the needs of the current Syrian society and its future. IRL will give the families the right to live in a safe place and make sure to secure them by collaborating with Homs League. Supporting the wellbeing of orphan children in Lebanon is a key priority for IRL. Almost 3,500 orphaned Syrian and host community children are sponsored through IRL’s long-established one to one sponsorship program, however the needs are huge and ongoing.  Through this project, IRL is expanding its intervention into North Lebanon by replicating the successful sponsorship mechanism adopted in South Lebanon and Bekaa.                                                                                                                                              


Through this project, IRL seeks to provide all the necessary supplies and capabilities required to allow the Syrian widows and orphans a dignified life full of opportunities. IRL team is working with a local partner, Homs League, to make sure that the cash assistance will be a chance for the assisted families to live peacefully and start to focus more on education for their children.