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lntitiated in August 2013, MySEDEKAH is a fundraising channel organised by IRM, aiming to provide impact to more than 100 million people around the world, including Malaysia.

MySEDEKAH provides flexibility to IRM in determining the needs in accordance to the priority and current situation. Amongst others include “Gift Of Hope”, Syria, Sri Lanka, Indonesia Emergency Response, Rohingya Humanitarian Response, Winter Appeal and Local Emergency Response.


1. MySEDEKAH is the biggest fundraising project in Malaysia which is organized by Islamic Relief Malaysia (IR Malaysia). MySEDEKAH fundraising projects raise fund and distribute relief and aid to more than 9 million beneficiaries all over the world including local beneficiaries.


2. Where will my donations to mySEDEKAH be distributed? Your donations to mySEDEKAH will be distributed to:

– The poor
– Orphans
– Victims of conflicts
– Victims of disasters
– Single mothers
– Chronic patients
– Refugees
– Senior citizens
– The homeless
– The disabled


3. What are the main focus sectors in mySEDEKAH?


4. To which countries are the funds will be distributed? mySEDEKAH funds are distributed directly to these countries;

– Malaysia
– Palestine (Gaza & The West Bank)
– Syria
– Myanmar
– Nigeria
– Sudan
– Mali
– Somalia


5. The funds are also distributed to other countries where the beneficiaries are in need of emergency relief to survive. How are the beneficiaries selected?

– The beneficiaries are selected based on assessments of their needs, which are carried out by IR Malaysia team and the IR teams in the affected countries.
mySEDEKAH is carried out according to the values and principles of Islam and is syariah-compliant. The process undergoes strict audit by auditors worldwide.
mySEDEKAH is distributed to beneficiaries without discriminating against religion, race, skin, political interests or citizenship.
mySEDEKAH aims to distribute aid to more than 9 million beneficiaries, local and overseas