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Community Development

1. Flood that has affect Malaysia in the end of December 2014 has lead to many loss. IR Malaysia determined to rebuild selected village which will provide a better place to live. This project called, Community Development Project.


2. The sectors such as shelters, sustainable livelihood, education, and disaster preparedness and awareness in Disaster Risk Reduction Management knowledge are the five basic components in this Community Development  Project. The concept of this project is to rebuild and uplift the flood affected village to become fully sustainable on its own. Community Development  Project centered approach advocates that while affected families are vulnerable on their own, their ability to cope through mutual support is enhanced as part of an organized group.


3. As a result, an organized community in a post construction situation is able to establish linkages for livelihood activities, undertake care and maintenance of community facilities mutual benefit, ensuring the long term sustainability of the settlements.


4. IR Malaysia together with several volunteers has conducted a survey recently in several of the villages affected by the flood in the Gua Musang area, and a total of 15 different residences was selected to be rebuilt under the “Community Development” project. IRM also has collaborated with Majlis Daerah Gua Musang and Pejabat Tanah Gua Musang in order to retrieve any relevant information and to seek advices for this project.


5. The 15 different residences are located in Kg.Lulut, Kg.Melar, Kg.Pasir Bujang, Kg.Baru Ladang Serasa, Kg.Letang, Kg.Limau Kasturi, and at the town of Gua Musang. This project is handled by the Relief and Program Division of IRM will take place for the duration of a year until the victims are able to get back on their feet’s and no longer need any assistance.


6. The Desa Lestari project will give a large impact on their lives. From the recovery of the disaster, pressure was felt by every age in different perspectives, sadness, hopelessness, and others as well. The psycho-social support from IRM in Desa Lestari Project will bring some hope to them, whereby they can afford to continue their lives after being struck with such misfortune.


7. There are 4 main objectives :

– To rebuild and provide proper houses for identified affected families (Shelter Solution)

– To link families to other services like health and education – Vocational training (Education Solution)

– To establish a self-managed sustainable community with social facilities and livelihood opportunities. (Sustainable livelihood)

– To build the capacity of target communities to learn about Disaster Risk Reduction Management knowledge. (Disaster Preparedness & Awareness)


8. The whole duration of the project will take 12 months. The operation was led by Islamic Relief Malaysia with the cooperation of awarded contractors, which is also monitored by IRM staff specialized for this project, with the coordination received from the government of State under regulatory governance of land administration/district council.


9. A disastrous flood that hit several states in Malaysia last 2014, has brought a major destruction on a massive scale, such as towards residences in villages and towns, properties, in agricultural aspects, and also a terrible damage towards other infrastructures.


10. Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) has been directly involved in lending support and providing aids towards the flood victims and went down to the area affected to assess first-hand in the destruction caused by the flood. Moving forward, Islamic Relief come up with a new project called Community Development.