How to make donation?

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From the website, click on DONATE NOW button.
You can also directly visit

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Choose your desired donation method.
The screenshot shows the donor choose Online Donation.
You may also choose other available methods by clicking on the label. Eg; If you wish to donate via credit card, then click on Donate through Credit Card.

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Select and click on your desired fund. Eg; Donor choose Ramadan Care4Hunger [C4H].

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Choose your preferred donation amount. Eg; Donor choose to donate custom amount, so he fill-in the last box, and click on the Add button.

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You will be scrolled down, and choose your personal info. Click on My Contact Details if you wish to get the donation receipt. Otherwise click on Anonymous / Unknown if you wish to donate anonymously.
The screenshot shows the donor choose My Contact Details since he want to get the donation receipt.
Take note that the system will register your info to the database. So you can just login to your Donor Account, and your personal info will be pre-filled.

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Fill in your personal info, and click on Continue to the next step button.

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Click on the I've read and accept the terms & conditions checkbox, and then click on your preferred Internet Banking logo.
Make sure that your browser allows pop-up window.

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The screenshot shows the donor choose CIMB Clicks.

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Then click on the Proceed to payment button, and wait till your browser prompt you for the Internet Banking login page.

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Login to your Internet Banking.
The screenshot shows the CIMB Clicks login page.

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Make sure that the Merchant Name is ISLAMIC RELIEF MALAYSIA, and the Transaction Amount is correct.

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Request and fill in your TAC, then click on Submit button. Please wait till your browser redirect you to the transaction receipt page.

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You will see the transaction receipt page after completing the online payment.
Check your email inbox (including SPAM) for the donation receipt if you provided your personal info earlier, and your payment is successful.

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Scroll down the page and you can click on the Print button to save a copy of your transaction receipt.
You can also make another donation by clicking on any desired method below that Print button.
Check your email inbox (including SPAM) for your Donor Account Information.

Thank you for your generous donation