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HUNGER. Did you know, 821 million out of 7.4 billion world population are going to bed with an empty stomach each night?

If the basic need, which is food is not met, how can they have access to other needs such as education, medical, water, and sustainable livelihood?


In the name of humanity, Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) aims to provide aids to the needy that suffer from hunger and starvation. This campaign seeks to alleviate the hunger crises around the world including Malaysia.


C4H covers a few main sectors:
♦ Food & Nutrition
♦ Emergency & DRR
♦ Water & Health
♦ Education
♦ Livelihood
♦ Seasonal
♦ Orphan Fund
♦ Others

C4H is not limited to only providing food but improving their quality of life for a better future.