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Zakat/ fidyah


The word “zakat” means “to purify”; it is the third pillar of Islam which is an obligation upon all Muslims. Zakat is essentially an act of worship for Muslims to purify their wealth, cleanse their souls and benefit themselves as well as others.



Fidyah is a fine imposed towards a person for certain reasons or deliberately delaying the qada’ for Ramadhan, by feeding the poor with a measure of a basic food for every day that a person missed his obligation to fast during Ramadhan.


Gaza Emergency Appeal

For decades, Palestinians have been living under assault. Most recently, over 60 Gazans are reported to have died including an eight-month old baby while more than 2,700 injured as a result of assaults launched by Israeli since May 14th 2018.

Kempen Wakaf Mata Hati

Over 4.6 million Malaysian are people with disabilities. More than 700 thousand people are visually impaired and there is only less than 100 thousand people are registered with the Department of Social Welfare or known as JKM.