Box of Kindness 2020

Food Packs Distribution

Box of Kindness 2020 [BOK 2020]

With a focus on underprivileged families and children, this year, Islamic Relief Malaysia continues its humanitarian collaboration with Omar & Hana, a series of Islamic cartoons for kids, through the Box of Kindness 2020 (BOK 2020) campaign.

BOK 2020 aims to fundraise a total of RM500,000 to assist beneficiaries in 32 countries through the humanitarian project aids.

In less developed countries, famine is not something new. According to the United Nations, approximately 10% of the global population lives in extreme poverty and are still struggling to access the most basic needs, including food. BOK 2020 hopes to alleviate some of the burdens faced by these communities and to share the joy of Ramadan with them through the distribution of food packs.

The collaboration between Islamic Relief Malaysia and Omar & Hana began in 2019 through the Box of Kindness with Omar & Hana campaign, whereby both parties successfully raised a total of RM57,324 for local and international distributions.