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Al Yateem

Al-Yateem Sponsorship (Minimum commitment 2 years / 24 month)


…is a program that allows you to sponsor a child to get a bright future. Millions of children around the world look forward to your assistance for a better future.

Al-Yateem is one of the basic strategies to fight poverty among less fortunate kids. Since 1986, Islamic Relief has implemented a program to sponsor the orphans and 55,349 orphans had been sponsored. Monthly cost to sponsor orphans vary by country. The total cost depends on the country where the standard of living of the orphans live.

Here is a list of monthly cost for each orphan in selected countries.


Group A
RM160/month (RM 1,920.00) – Minimum commitment 2 years / 24 month
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chechnya, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Yemen

Group B
RM190/month (RM 2,280.00) – Minimum commitment 2 years / 24 month
Bosnia, Indonesia, Iraq, Pakistan

Group C
RM230/month (RM 2,760.00) – Minimum commitment 2 years / 24 month
Bosnia, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine West Bank, Palestine Gaza

Your commitment for 2 years (24 month) will help more orphans to have a better life

Sponsored child will receive comprehensive supports, such as:


Islamic Relief will provide orphans with their school equipment’s.


Orphans can benefit from regular health checks and advice on hygiene and health. (including vaccination)


Social Responsibility
The orphans will receive basic necessities like clothes during Eid Festival. Housing conditions were also observed, and improvements can be made if necessary.


Culture, Sport & Recreation
Islamic Relief recommends summer camps for orphans, vocational training and practical skills such as IT and languages lessons.


 “Only with RM160-RM230 a month, you will provide the children with food, shelter, health, education and emotional support they need. You will receive information about your sponsored child as well as pictures and annual report of the sponsored orphans. You can also have a relationship with your sponsored orphan by exchanging your mail safely through Islamic Relief.”