Al-Yateem Sponsorship

Orphans Programme


Aims to help orphans around the world in various aspects of life that will lead to a better future.


Islamic Relief Al-Yateem Sponsorship Programme is being carried out to meet the orphans’ needs individually so that they can live a good life for a bright future. Since its inception in 1986, more than 68,000 orphans have benefited from the programme offered under Islamic Relief as a whole. Meanwhile, Islamic Relief Malaysia alone has sponsored a total of 973 orphans from 23 countries.

With your monthly support, each of these sponsored orphans will receive the best care of various aspects such as nutrition, shelter, health care, education, and emotional support. It will not only benefit the sponsored orphans but indirectly, it also helps and benefits their other family members.

Al Yateem Sponsorship Package

Minimum commitment is for 24 months (2 years)

Group A

RM 160
  • RM1,920.00 Per Year
  • Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chechnya, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Mali, Niger, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Yemen

Group B

RM 190 Monthly
  • RM2,280.00 Per Year
  • Albania,
    Indonesia, Iraq,

Group C

RM 230 Monthly
  • RM2,760.00 Per Year
  • Bosnia, Lebanon, Jordan, Kosova,
    Palestine (West Bank),
    Palestine (Gaza)

Islamic Relief Intervention


Health Care

Shelter Protection

School Needs & Secutity

Impact of Al Yateem Sponsorship

The Prophet SAW said:

“Whoever caresses the head of an orphan (in affection), solely for the sake of Allah, a good deed will be written to his account for every hair over which he passed his hand, and whoever treated an orphan (boy or girl) with goodness and kindness, he and I will be close to each other in Heaven as these two fingers” The Prophet (SAW) made a gesture with his fingers as explained above.”

[Narrated by Ahmad]


The Story of an Orphan Aspired to be a Doctor

Hadeel is an orphan who received the sponsorship from Islamic Relief Palestine. She is a benevolent child who respects and honors for the elderly and liked fondly by her friends. She is also very diligent in helping her mother doing the house chores.

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