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Al Quran Braille Waqf

Al Quran Braille Waqf project is collaboration between Islamic Relief Malaysia and PERTIS (Persatuan Orang-orang Cacat Penglihatan Islam Malaysia) in an effort to raise funds for the publication of Al-Quran Braille.

With only RM210, you will have the opportunity to waqf Al Quran Braille to individuals in need (i.e blind muslims) in Malaysia.





1. What is Al Quran Braille Waqf?

Al Quran Braille Waqf is the funding for printings of Al Quran in Braille (for the blind people) and is a joint project between Islamic Relief Malaysia and the Association of Blind People Islam Malaysia (PERTIS)


2. To whom this Al-Quran will be given to?

This Al-Quran will be given to the PERTIS associated members and then distributed to the blind Malaysians who require Al Quran in Braille.


3. What is the price of the Braille Al-Quran?

RM210 per copy. It consists of 6 volumes with 5 juzuks for each volume


4. Who made the printings for this Al-Quran?

The Al-Quran will be printed at the PERTIS office by their own associate members


5. How do I make a payment?

– Walk in – Cash / Cheque

– Online donation – http://bit.ly/IslamicReliefMalaysiaDonateOnline

– Offline donation –
o Maybank Islamic (562142708704)
o CIMB Islamic (8602073818)
o Bank Islam (12029010065643)
o Affin Islamic (106710002784)
o Bank (110801000035)


6. How do I know this Al-Quran is genuinely given to visually impaired people?

We have collaboration with PERTIS with the launching and press conference will be held on 27 April 2016. After the submission of the contribution, PERTIS will create a report for every 50 copies printed and distributed within the last 3 months


7. Does this waqf is eligible for tax exemption?

Yes. Each donation is eligible for tax exemption under sub-section 44 (6) of the 1967 income tax Ref. No: LHDN.01 / 35/42/51 / 179-6.6249.


8. Is it for the visually impaired in Malaysia only?

At the moment, the priority is for the visually impaired people in Malaysia. If there are any sponsorer or demands, then we will be distributed to the overseas


9. Does this Al-Quran is approved of any authority?

KDN has approved PERTIS to print Braille Quran under reference no. KDN: PQ / Q.1001 / 1.2 / QA / 304/49/2010


10. Why should print a lot?

Braille Quran can only be used for 5 years for each copy because by the way of reading the Braille; in which the touching & pressing technique will smooth out the Braille pattern


11. How can I know my money is channeled to this charitable Al Quran Braille Waqf project?

Each donation will be recorded into the system. Donors will receive the original receipt which will be emailed or sent by postal mail as evidence that we have receive donations; and endowments certificate will be given as proof of participation in this program.