Qurbani 2013


More than 3 million beneficiaries worldwide have benefitted from the Qurbani Programme.

Islamic Relief Malaysia plan to serve more than 10, 000 beneficiaries for the 1434H/2013 Qurbani Programme.  

The price for every qurbani part is based on the current market price and the availability of supply in the countries where the qurban is performed. The qurban meat is distributed in three forms: fresh meat, frozen meat, and canned meat depending on the current needs and the logistics of the beneficiaries in the respective countries.

If you are interested in joining the 1434H/ 2013 Qurbani Campaign, refer to the prices stated in the following table for the corresponding countries.


Aqiqah could also be performed in Makkah for RM 450/ per sheep.

“Effective August 1st, 2013, all unidentified donation will be channelled to mySEDEKAH and/or General Fund”

“Berkuatkuasa 1hb Ogos 2013, semua sumbangan yang tidak dinyatakan tujuannya akan disalurkan ke mySEDEKAH dan/atau Tabung Umum”

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